The Study of whitewater rafting

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The 4 Best Sections of The Snake River Wyoming

After a snowy winter out west, many of you are probably starting to think about pulling your whitewater gear out of the garage in preparation …

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White Water Rafting Near Me: The Best Adventures Await!

If you’re an outdoor adventure seeker looking for white water rafting near me, look no further. We’ve got the scoop on all the best rafting …

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Insider Guide: Rafting Desolation Canyon on the green river.

Green River Through Desolation Canyon One of the first whitewater rafting trips I went on was on the Green River through Desolation-Gray canyons in eastern …

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The Metolius River: A Gem in Central Oregon

The Metolius River is a serene, wild and scenic river that flows from the headwaters of the Metolius in Camp Sherman, Oregon and is one …

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Enjoy The Splendor of Steelhead Falls and Hike With Friends

For a truly beautiful hike, head to the picturesque Steelhead Falls area for an unforgettable experience in nature. Located 45 minutes from Bend, Oregon, the …

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Check out our Mckenzie River Rafting Report

Check out our Mckenzie River Rafting Report I​ would consider the Mckenzie River my home waters. Old-growth firs with deciduous trees sprinkled in to add color …

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Astral, a time tested life jacket

Why The Astral Green Jacket is the best on the market!

Are you a fan of whitewater rafting and looking for the ideal life jacket to make your upcoming journey even more exciting? You can look …

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Best women's water shoe

The 5 Best Women’s Water Shoes to Make a Splash in 2023!

Are you an outdoor adventure seeker looking for the perfect pair of women’s water shoes? Finding a great pair of affordable women’s water shoes now …

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Whitewater Rafts: Which One Is Right for You?

Are you seeking top-notch, inflatable whitewater rafts to make your outdoor adventures even more thrilling? Look no further. We’ve got reviews from real guides or …

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What to Wear for Whitewater Rafting in the Cold (2023)

Cold Weather Rafting Trip Most people fall in love with river trips during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer, the water …

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Row Boat Oars: The Best Oars for Rowing Whitewater

When you’re putting your first rowboat set up together, there are quite a few different row boat oars you can choose from. This can seem …

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Let’s get you learning to whitewater kayak in 2023

Let’s get you learning to whitewater kayak in 2023 Learning to whitewater Kayak is a rewarding and challenging endeavor and not something to be attempted …

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Our whitewater journals are written about our rafting trips down various rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is that they help inspire you to plan and go on your next big adventure. Follow us as we run Whitehorse Rapid (Class III) with a new river guide!

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