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Cascade River Gear

If you are looking for an amazing retailer for whitewater rafting gear, Cascade River Gear is a one-stop shopping dream. For the avid rafter, its like being a kid in a candy store! Everything from pumps and parts to superior quality equipment, CRG is pretty amazing.

Cascade River Gear is fully geared to the passionate outdoorsman, with everything from rafts to t-shirts. With headquarters in Idaho, they are hardcore rafting aficionados themselves!

Their site is easy to navigate, and the process of purchasing through them is easy and you will come back a second time, and a third! We are going to dive into what they offer.

Brands at Cascade River Gear

Cascade river gear offers many different brands and options. They also have their own brand of rafting gear! From their own brands to NRS Rafts, they offer a wide range of items to purchase for a discerning rafting enthusiast. Lets dive in!

Cascade River Gear

Cascade River Gear

Cascade River Gear is a quality product from a company that loves the river sports so much they had to create their own gear! T-shirts, box top mats, and some drop boxes for your raft are nice accessories to have added to your shopping list! And you get to rock their cool logo, too! Don’t forget dry bags to keep your non waterproof items protected!


Cataract is the CRG brand of quality oar shafts. For a quality shaft that won’t break on you, Cataract is the real deal. They offer several options; 8′, 8.5′, 9′, and 10′. They also offer them with and without stops and/or a rope wrap. A spare oar, or oar shaft is important to keep on hand in case you lose or break an oar

Cataract - Oar Shaft
Cataract Blue: $179 as shown

CG Habitats

CG Habitats is also a CRG exclusive. It is a line of board shorts in athletic fit and standard fit. Very comfy for on the raft, or just relaxing in camp. People want to be comfy on their adventure, and these shorts are very good quality for any adventure!

Athletic Fit Habitat Board Short
Athletic Fit Habitat Board Short: $15! On sale now from $65!

Maravia Rafts

Maravia Rafts are another CRG product. They offer four different raft styles, all with self bailing floors, thwart attachments, and several dee rings. 

Maravia Wider Spider Raft:

The Wider Spider raft is a larger boat; extra wide for more space. You can fit more gear and passengers, and it creates more stability in the water for fishing and waves.

Wider Spider Raft
Wider Spider Raft: $4709

Maravia Diablo Raft:

If you are looking for a raft that is a lower-profile for wind and waves, that will fit your dry box and your Yeti cooler; this is a great option. As a paddleboat it can hold up to 7 people, and as an oar boat it can hold 3-4 depending on how much gear you take on the trip. 

Maravia Diablo Raft
The Diablo: $5809

Maravia Zephyr Raft:

The Zephyr is a larger boat than the Diablo, with the same features. It has diminished tubes for even more space! It would be great for a Middle Fork Salmon trip overnight with 3-4 people and supplies. Make sure you pack your Chacos Sandals, so you don’t have to drive to Boise during your vacation to make sure your feet stay comfy!

Maravia Zephyr Raft
Maravia Zephyr: $6909 as shown

Maravia Williwaw:

The Maravia Williwaw is one of the CRG flagship models. It comes with a rowing frame so it can fit up to 4 people rowing, or 8 people while paddling! It is a great option for all day fun on the river or even an overnight river camping trip with friends.

 Maravia Williwaw
The Maravia Williwaw: $6909


Cascade River Gear offers two sizes of cataraft models, also. There are 12×22 and a 14×22 catarafts located on the site, and they look like a great time! 

Maravia Cataraft: $3239 as shown; options to $4939

NRS Rafts

NRS Rafts

CRG offers different versions of the NRS rafts, in custom colors exclusive to Cascade Rafting Gear.

They offer a 13, 14, and 15′ Otter Series raft, which is a little more affordable for an extremely quality rafting experience. A self bailing floor, multiple dee rings for the dry bags, and an amazing warranty, NRS is a hard raft to beat. Many professionals choose NRS as their go-to brand!

The 15' Otter
The 15′ Otter: $5500 (Willie insert not included)

They also offer the Expedition Series. The Expedition is the outfitter grade raft and includes an extra heavy-duty floor and tubes constructed with 1670 denier/48 oz. Hypalon®, an additional wide swath of commercial-grade HD-40 floor armor, a four-chamber tube construction, 6-8 EasyCarry™ handles, 14 stainless steel 2″ D-rings, removable thwarts with the exclusive NRS BAT™ (Batten Attachment Thwarts) System and an extra heavy-duty wear patch to ensure full protection.

The Expedition E-160
The Expedition E-160: $7275 as shown, options from $5920

NRS rafts are a household name when it comes to river sports. They have amazing options for raft frames, that are totally customizable. You can’t really find that changeability in other raft frames. 

Camping and fishing in an NRS raft is easy and comfortable. For a full review of the NRS Raft series, CLICK HERE.

Orion Coolers

Orion Coolers are made in the USA by Jackson Kayaks. Orion offers a 45, 65, and 85 quart option for sizing, which is handy if you are hunting for a cooler to fit in your raft. They are a rotomolded cooler like a Yeti or a Rctic cooler, with bungee clamps and a freezer seal. It boasts an impressive 2″ of insulation. They are a spendy cooler, ranging from $429-$649, but for a quality rotomolded cooler, that is pretty standard. A Yeti 45 cooler is still a better quality cooler for the price, as it boasts more options, and a longer duration for frozen ice.

Orion Coolers
The Orion Cooler: $429 as shown, options to $649


The Ortleib Expedition is a massive, 85 Liter dry bag duffel. It fits as much as 4 dry bags and it can convert into a backpack for the next leg of your adventure! Read a review on this monster, they are a quality dry gear bag. Ortleib also offers a 110 Liter option as well for those long, overnight trips. 

Ortlieb 110L zip-top Duffel: $240 as shown, options from $220


The Sawyer Square Top Artisan Series
The Sawyer Square Top Artisan Series: $475-$525 as shown

Sawyer makes various quality oars and paddles. They offer grips, shafts, and other oar and paddle accessories as well. There are multiple options for material, style, length, and color. 

You can see the options HERE.

Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports is the manufacturer of another line of dry bags exclusive to CRG. They are zip top duffel style, in two sizes, large and huge. Made with welded PVC coated denier nylon, they are waterproof and virtually indestructible. 


Silipint is a line of drink ware that is silicone, (get it, silicone-pint) so completely safe and no glass accidents while you are camping or rafting! A must have for any camp box.

Silipint Wine Tumbler
Silipint Wine Tumbler: $8.95

Whitewater Designs

Whitewater Designs are a line of raft covers to keep your investment protected. They are available in many sizes.

raft cover
Medium Cover: $69.99


Willie is a line of dry box products for CRG, the dry boxes are quality material and will hold up to years of use.

What else does Cascade River Gear offer?

If you are still on the fence about making the jump into a new rafting system, CRG offers the option to rent the equipment before you buy! There are different rental packages to choose from, and to try out such awesome equipment before getting locked into one; this is the way to go!

Cascade River Gear is truly a Mecca for the river enthusiast. With a massive selection, and top notch customer service it is a top tier shopping experience!

We’re reader-supported. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.

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