Whitewater rafting gear reviews

Our gear reviews are written by river guides who use this gear regularly. We will never recommend equipment that we can’t personally stand behind. We use gear for months, sometimes years before writing a review on it. Although we may eventually update our reviews with new information or more specific experiences, you can rest assured that what you read here will be the best evaluation of the gear possible. Moreover, some gear is so old that there just isn’t anything out there to compare it to. If the gear is outdated, we’ll tell you!

Best whitewater rafting shoes (2022)

Is White Water Rafting Dangerous: Part 1

Part 1: Skill level and boat type Is white water rafting dangerous? I have gotten asked that a lot by parents, clients, and young kids. Whitewater rafting can certainly be…

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Is White Water Rafting Dangerous: Part 2

Part 2: River Section & Time Of Year So, is white water rafting dangerous? I love answering this question because it allows me to cover so much about what makes…

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