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Our gear reviews are written by rafting, fishing, and hunting guides or seasoned outdoor enthusiasts who use this gear beat it up, push it to the extreme, and decide that it is worth the money. We will never recommend equipment that we can’t personally stand behind. Name brands do not guide our decision-making, but there are a few brands that we tend to use and trust to put out high-quality outdoor gear, such as YETI, NRS, Stone Glacier, Chacos, and more.

We use gear, such as inflatable kayaks, for months, sometimes years before writing a review on it. Although we may eventually update our reviews with new information or more specific experiences with gear such as inflatable kayaks, YETI, NRS, Stone Glacier, Chacos, Rafts and can rest assured that what you read here will be the best evaluation of the outdoor gear possible. Moreover, some gear is so old that there just isn’t anything out there to compare it to. If the gear is outdated, we’ll tell you and do our best to provide an alternative.

In 2023, we decided that like the rivers that are influence and impacted by its environment, we too would extend our reach into new areas. So, we have expanded our outdoor gear reviews to add more shoes  and apparel, river dog training equipment, map software, coolers and backpacking gear like biodegradable soap to use on those side hikes off the river! 

We are also excited to share articles about using the rivers to hunt large game as well as waterfowl opportunities. This has become a passion to many of us who have always had water dogs and we are thrilled to share our suggestions on gear to use and training recommendations!

We are also expanding our reach into more states outside of the Pacific Northwest! Look for those coming soon!

What Wikipedia Can’t share about how Chacos treat your Feet (2022)

Chacos sandals: A must for river runners! I have been wearing Chacos for nearly twenty years now! All my river guides wear them and are here to tell you all we know about Chacos! Chaco sandals have long been summer footwear for the casual camper and river runners. They are totally customizable, adjustable, and reliable shoes. …

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Chaco Men’s Z/2 Classic Sandals – Pure Bliss For Your Feet

Chaco Men’s Z/2 Classic: The legendary Chaco Men’s Z/2 Classic is a whitewater icon – and, by now, pretty well everywhere else. NRS consists of enthusiastic rafters, whitewater kayakers, and anglers whose lives are inextricably linked to water. NRS director of marketing Mark Deming is delighted to be working with Chaco to promote the preservation …

Chaco Men’s Z/2 Classic Sandals – Pure Bliss For Your Feet Read More →

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