What Wikipedia Can’t share about how Chacos treat your Feet (2022)

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Chacos sandals: A must for river runners!

I have been wearing Chacos for nearly twenty years now! All my river guides wear them and are here to tell you all we know about Chacos!

Chaco sandals have long been summer footwear for the casual camper and river runners. They are totally customizable, adjustable, and reliable shoes. I have used them for Summer backpacking trips and even hiked South Sister in Oregon in them–although I would not recommend that!

Chacos offers so much more than just sandals, too! They not only offer hundreds of different versions and colors of sandals, but you can also special order and customize a pair!

They have sandals, slides, flip-flops, and shoes. Hiking sandals, sports sandals, flip-flops…the list goes on!

The footbed’s support to the arch on the sandals is also mimicked in their other styles. The rest of the collection is just as high of quality as the rest of the selection of shoes and offers just as much arch support and comfort.

Chaco mens Chaco Sandal, Split Gray, 9 US
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The weight is negligible, the heel is nice and comfy, and it’s like a cloud on your feet when you wear them. In fact, there are different customizable options for varying types of feet, and a sole actually called the Cloud sole!

They have soles for flat feet, such as the classic Cloud sole, and they have the best sandals for flat feet; for high arches, they offer the classic sole Luvseat with intensive support. Those are superb hiking sandals! The strap system is very comfortable here. Sandal straps can be adjusted to fit any foot type, and they do not loosen when they get wet! When you wear a pair of Chacos, your feet won’t slip and slide on the sole like some summer sandals.

Chacos offer great arch support, and with the straps adjusted properly, they can offer an all-day adventure pain-free and a perfect fit with their amazing footbed technology and lightweight rubber compound.

A shoe company that cares

When you buy a new pair of new Chaco sandals, you have full support from the company. Whether you are special ordering or ordering a clearance pair, you get the same outstanding customer service. They have a comprehensive site that goes into great detail on wearing your new Chacos.

There are details on types of Chacos sandals, the most comfortable Chacos for your feet, how to adjust your Chacos, and videos on how the straps on the shoes can adjust for your foot type.

They make it a point to hear comments and offer any support for their shoes, and if you want your new pair of Chacos fast, they offer different shipping options if you cannot find the sandals in stores.

Pros and Cons of Chacos



Great for river walking

Adjustable straps

Great for short hikes


Open-toed can lead to small cuts when hiking

The Chaco smell is a real thing!

Chacos on the Middle Fork of the Salmon
Hiking in Chacos on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

I have walked in hiking boots, and sneakers, and after the break-in, Chaco sandals were the only footwear I tried that didn’t hurt after many miles or give me blisters from rubbing. That was my sign to purchase two pairs!

Chacos fast has become my favorite go-to shoe for summer hiking sandals, rafting sandals, or just relaxing at the house footwear! It is not just me either. Check out Chaco’s reviews!

The classic footbed I prefer for on the river, or hiking. I love the Cloud sole footbed for everyday wear. A pair or two of Chacos for summer is a must-have.

Chacos is an environmentally friendly company

They are also sustainable, and environmentally conscious! They are made with recycled materials and are meant to be totally repairable and durable, and when you need more repaired than you can handle, you send your Chacos in to get refurbished.

To date, Chacos has repaired 290,000 pairs of Chacos. That is going the extra mile for the customer and the environment. We outdoor enthusiasts love a company that protects where we play!

They are an amazing company that believes in its shoes. The logo is a gecko because of its ability to adapt and thrive in any environment, much like shoes can do!


How long does it take to break in?

Chaco shoes have an introductory period, like all shoes. Typically blistered feet indicate needing longer break-in times.

To avoid blisters, the company recommends gradually changing in and out of sandals for 1-2 weeks. They are so adjustable, as they are worn on foot, you can avoid wearing blisters on your feet by just a small strap tug here and there to relieve any discomfort during the break-in period. Once they are broken in, you are in for a real treat!

How is Chacos on feet?

Are Chaco shoes any good? The answer is YES, as they feel comfortable and lightweight, with a deep heel cup, proper arch support for any height arch with two sole selections, full adjustments, a big toe loop, or no toe loop. They are worn tight, and they feel secure on your foot. In short, wearing, chacos is very comfortable.

The difference between this and other sandals is massive, as you cannot find another pair of shoes made for many different kinds of feet.

Are Chacos better with or without the toe strap?

They are nice to have when hiking but take time to get used to. They’re very comforting when hiking or backpacking with shoes. It makes a hiker feel much more secure and stable on steep inclines.

How do you get rid of toe loops on Chacos?

Remove the sling from the end closest to your heel. Pull the sleeve from your toe to loosen the strap. A brilliant pair of shoes to wear since every pair is customizable and adjustable. No matter what makes you comfortable, the Chacos can adjust so no foot hurts.

Is there any arch support?

For achy feet or plantar fasciitis (a common ailment), other shoes cannot come close to what these pairs of sandals do for your feet. Much research has gone into making these shoes help common foot ailments.

They have their patented Ergonomic BioCentric footbed that, unlike a classic footbed, can prevent common complaints such as body alignment issues, unlike with other footwear.

They are among the first brands to be approved by the APMA (American Podiatry Medical Association).

Can you get foot pain wearing Chaco sandals?

If you suffer from foot pain in other sandals or shoes, Chaco sandals are comfortable and highly adjustable! Anywhere that you feel sore, you can adjust them and relieve pressure.

You must get the correct size, as most issues with Chaco sandals are from not wearing the right size or not breaking in properly.

You can walk all day in Chacos and have a blister-free experience! Wear a pair of Chacos for a day, and you will be forever a fan, especially if you suffer from foot pain.

Which Chaco sandals are the best?

You can’t go wrong with the Z/2® Classic. It is a tried and true sandal and holds up on any hiking or river trip. Mine typically lasts a couple of years of serious abuse. Don’t worry; the Chaco return policy is great, if there is a defect.

Chaco tan is a real thing!

Are there Chacos for kids?

Good, quality outdoor sandals are hard to find for kids. At Chaco, they have the same availability for kids’ shoes as they do for adults!

I know my kids have to have comfortable shoes for hiking and rafting, so Chacos sandals were a no-brainer after I tried my first pair of Chacos. And I tell you what: My kids LOVE their Chacos!

Wrap up: Chacos changed my outdoor experience

Side Hikes on the Kamath River
Hiking up Ukunom Creek on the Lower Klamath River

I used to camp and hike and hit the river with shoes that would cause foot pain, muscle fatigue, and blisters by the end of the trip. With the options for different feet and even different moods, I have found my forever shoe. Since I found Chacos, I have been a very happy camper.

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We’re reader-supported. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.

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