The 5 Best Women’s Water Shoes to Make a Splash in 2023!

Best women's water shoe

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Women's water shoes put to the test on this hike!
Women’s water shoes put to the test on this hike!

Are you an outdoor adventure seeker looking for the perfect pair of women’s water shoes? Finding a great pair of affordable water shoes for women now can be tricky, so let us help. We have researched and reviewed the top seven women’s water shoes for 2023. We’ve covered all your needs, from Astrals to Keens to Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes, Aleader women’s mesh Water Shoes, and more. Let’s dive in together and explore the pros and cons of each shoe so that you can find exactly what works best for your next white water excursion next trip.

Astrals Water Shoes

Astrals Water Shoes are designed with the outdoor adventurer in mind. The lightweight, breathable mesh is perfect for hot days on the river and lets your feet stay cool and comfortable. The outsole of Astrals Water Shoes is made from rubber for sure-footedness on wet surfaces, so you can traverse confidently without worrying about slips or slides. The midsole cushioning offers extra comfort while walking over rocky terrain or standing in shallow water. And the heel counter adds an extra layer of stability when you’re hopping from rock to rock or making sharp turns around tight corners.

Astral Water shoes
Astral Water shoes

Regarding durability, Astrals Water Shoes are built tough enough to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. The combination of synthetic materials used for the uppers is designed to be highly resistant to abrasion and tear. Meanwhile, our whitewater enthusiasts have tested the rubber outsole, and have reported excellent results after multiple trips down some of the most challenging rapids out there. Plus, they come with a one-year warranty just in case something goes wrong during your adventures – giving you peace of mind that these shoes will last through many more riverside excursions.

Our Pick: Astrals Women’s Water Shoes

Astral Brewess 2.0 Water Shoes – Women’s water shoes

Astral Brewess 2.0 Water Shoes

The Astral Brewess is a fantastic womens water shoes. The high thick soles protect your foot protection of you from slip on the rocks and small pebbles. It is extremely comfortable and can be worn as a regular shoe. Also, its closed-toe design makes for great hiking shoes on uneven surfaces. The Astral offer good traction and are perfect for water sports!

Astral Loyak Water Shoes – Women’s water shoes

Astral Loyak Women's Water Shoe
Astral Brewess 2.0 Water Shoes

This canvas water shoe is a durable, hydrophobic mesh upper with ventilating stretch mesh and flat laces. The drainage holes at the toes and heels allow water to drain quickly and prohibit sand to get stuck.

My wife has wide feet and was worried that the shoes felt they would be too narrow. However, she found that they were the perfect shoe that offered great traction while being comfortable all day!

Astrals Water Shoes offer a good pair of affordable shoes with great design and durability for whitewater enthusiasts, making them an ideal choice for outdoor adventures. On the other hand, Keens Water Shoes provides another option with unique features that may be better suited to certain needs.

Key Takeaway: Astrals Water Shoes are designed with outdoor adventurers in mind, offering a lightweight and breathable mesh upper for hot days on the river and a superior traction rubber outsole. The midsole cushioning provides extra comfort while walking over rocky terrain or standing in shallow water; plus, they come with an impressive one-year warranty that guarantees these shoes will stand up to any challenge.

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Keens Water Shoes

Keens Water Shoes offers a stylish yet practical design perfect for outdoor adventurers. The quick-drying synthetic upper with drainage ports help keep feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions. The midsole is cushioned to ensure superior comfort, and its rubber outsole provides good traction and an excellent grip on slick surfaces, making it ideal for traversing rivers or streams. With their lightweight construction and sleek look, these shoes are ideal for those who need reliable footwear when traversing rivers or streams.

When it comes to durability, Keens water shoes are built to last. They feature a reinforced toe box that prevents wear and tear from rocks or other sharp objects while in the riverbed. Abrasion-resistant material ensures that the slip-on water shoes will remain unscathed. They will hold up against exposure to potentially damaging elements in warm water, such as sand and mud. Keen’s selection of hues includes dark, azure, verdant, and silver so that you can find the perfect one for your fashion preferences.

Keens Water Shoes are an excellent choice for durable and consider as best river shoes for women. Their design ensures that your feet stay comfortable while navigating any type of terrain or environment. With the Columbia Drainmaker IV+ women’s Water Shoes now, you can expect your clean water shoes and socks to experience even more comfortable with their lightweight construction and superior drainage system.

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Keen Women’s Whisper

Keen women's whisper water shoe
Keen women’s whisper water shoe

The KEEN Women’s Whisper Shoe is a lightweight sandal for ideal for whitewater rafting adventures. You’ll be supported and cushioned underfoot for a whole day at the beach, in your canoe, or out along the trail, in and out of the creek. Your feet won’t tire, and the sandal will stay put thanks to the bungee cord securing it. Lightweight yet durable with a rubber toe and outsole that will keep you on your feet, even on wet, slippery rocks. Get the most out of summer.

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Columbia’s Drainmaker IV


Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes boast a lightweight mesh upper that drains quickly, keeping feet cool and dry in wet conditions. The midsole is designed to be comfortable and supportive, while the rubber outsole ensures footing on wet or slippery surfaces. This water shoe was designed with adventure seekers in mind, providing an ideal combination of breathability and protection. This shoe boasts a stylish look, with vivid hues and contemporary styling, while still delivering top-notch performance.


Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes are built to last, featuring durable materials that can handle tough terrain and absorb water, without compromising comfort or support. The rubber sole provides superior traction even on slick surfaces, while the cushioning midsole absorbs shock to reduce fatigue during long outdoor days. These shoes also feature a reinforced toe cap that protects your feet from rocks, hot sand, and other debris encountered during outdoor adventures.

Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes offer the best pair of excellent design and durability for outdoor adventure seekers. This makes them a great choice for whitewater enthusiasts.

Experience superior performance and protection with Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes. Durable materials, cushioned midsole, rubber outsole for grip, and reinforced toe cap make these shoes ideal for all outdoor activities and adventures. #wateractivities #outdooradventures Click to Tweet


Aleader Water Shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and grip in wet conditions. The synthetic upper has drainage holes that allow water to escape, keeping your feet dry while you explore. The adjustable bungee lacing system allows easy on/off wearability. It also offers a secure, snug fit when ready to take on the rapids. The midsole cushioning provides extra support for long days of paddling. The slip on the rubber outsole ensures superior traction on slippery surfaces.

Regarding durability, Aleader water shoes stand up against the toughest whitewater conditions. The synthetic material resists tears and abrasions from rocks or other debris, making shoes feel ideal for river sports enthusiasts who need dependable gear they can rely on time after time. Additionally, their lightweight construction won’t weigh you down as you navigate fast-moving currents or shallow waters.

Aleader water shoes offer excellent value for money without sacrificing quality or performance features. Such as adjustable lacing systems, water drainage, ports, and superior grip. All are essential when tackling tough riverside terrain and the great outdoors. In addition, Aleader water shoes come in various colors to match any individual’s fashion sense and best budget.

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Why is it important to wear water shoes?

Wearing water shoes is a necessary safety precaution for outdoor adventure seekers, especially whitewater enthusiasts. Water shoes protect rocky river beds and debris that can cause cuts or scrapes to feet. They also offer a better grip on wet surfaces than regular sneakers. Which reduces the risk of slipping and falling into dangerous waters. Additionally, water shoes provide a layer of insulation against cold temperatures in rivers, which helps prevent hypothermia and other health risks associated with prolonged exposure to cold conditions. Finally, water shoes can also protect against stinging and biting aquatic insects.

What do water shoes protect you from?

Water shoes can help guard against potential injuries. They protect against sharp rocks, slippery surfaces, and other hazards found in rivers or lakes. They provide a layer of protection between your feet and the environment, helping to reduce cuts and scrapes and preventing injuries caused by slipping on wet surfaces. The soles are usually made with rubber or neoprene material. This provides maximum grip, durability, and comfort when walking on rough terrain. Water shoes also help keep your feet warm during colder temperatures. This makes them an essential item for any outdoor enthusiast exploring nature safely.

Are water shoes good for walking?

Water shoes can be great for traversing slick surfaces like rocks or streams. They provide extra grip and protection in wet conditions. They can provide better traction and defense in moist conditions, which is perfect for dealing with slippy surfaces like stones or creeks. Additionally, they offer more cushioning than traditional footwear when trekking over rough ground or long distances. The material is also usually lightweight and breathable, so your feet don’t get too hot during extended walks. Ultimately, water shoes may not be suitable for all types of walking. They can certainly help make outdoor adventures safer and more enjoyable.

Do any water shoes have arch support?

Yes, some water shoes have arch support. Many brands offer models with added cushioning and support for the arches of your feet. These features can help reduce fatigue and provide extra stability when walking or standing in wet conditions. Additionally, slip-on water shoes; many manufacturers use special materials that are designed to dry quickly while still providing comfort and breathability to keep your feet comfortable all day long.


In conclusion, there are many options for the best women’s water shoes made for 2023. From Astrals and Keens to Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes and Aleader Water Shoes – each shoe offers unique features that can meet the needs of any whitewater enthusiast. Ultimately, finding the right pair depends on personal preference and budget considerations. Whichever one or other pairs you choose will provide comfort, proper support, and protection as you explore nature.

Take the plunge and discover your perfect pair of women’s water shoes. With our comprehensive reviews, you can find the best shoes and the right fit for any whitewater activity. Also, check out our review on the best women’s PFDs!

We’re reader-supported. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.

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